Digital Business Transformation

“Transformation is about creating a new future, without the constraints of the past”.
Rob Llewellyn – the creator of THRIVE a digital business transformation framework.

For many businesses the need to transform their business model is paramount to their success. The changing business ecosystems are rapidly making demands on industry to transform their ways of operations. The need for automation and digitalization is often key to the success of the business.

TON follows the THRIVE framework of digital business transformation management and are certified by CXO Transform – Our technical application partners and we have extensive experience in transformation across a wide range of industries and we thrive in what we do, delivering on;

  • Lead and drive holistic digital business transformation management
  • Design and development of digital operating workflows – commercial and finance across multiple industry sectors
  • Enhancing compliance while automating common processes and mitigating business risks, simultaneously strengthening company-wide corporate governance
  • Through our transformation program, we will drive down the cost of doing business and increase profits, we will enhance internal control and provide accurate and timely business insight for decision making. We will significantly increase the ROI of the business as a whole through our numerous initiatives tailored to our client and ready to be executed.

    We at TON pride ourselves in providing quality service that resolves issues and we deliver business insight that is timely and relevant.