Why business leaders with any degree of EQ need to say “Thanks” more often. This is an important “To Do” item for organizations who want to reap the benefits of a holistic Digital Transformation. Saying “Thanks” in is the most powerful tool in the leader’s EQ Toolbox

One of the greatest gift’s leaders have is the power to make people respected and motivated for 24 hours of every day. People take 100% of their emotions to work and that 100% emotional baggage stays with them after work; as emotional beings, we struggle to leave the baggage behind.

Motivation, enthusiasm, and passion about work is the desire of everyone. Nobody should go to work to be miserable and just go through the motions while waiting for the monthly pay check.  Organizations made of demotivated people doing repetitive boring tasks are heading for extinction. Such work is being replaced by a growing army of robotic processes that are fast replacing the need for human input. Managers need to be prepared for such disruption by training and employing people for their creative skills. The workplace of tomorrow will be a very different and better place to be than the drudgery of yesterday.

More than ever before, we find that employees are highly sensitised to the EQ culture in organisations, leaders cannot ignore this new reality, great leaders will retain the best people by using high EQ behaviour in the workplace.

Great business results can be directly related to high emotional positivity at the workplace; when that happens, work becomes fun, creativity thrives, and the business will be a success. This is particularly important in companies where employees have a direct interface with customers.

What leaders fail to grasp is that high-performance companies are sustained by emotion and not by great process alone. All people are emotional, but they all have different emotional needs; the leader who understands and recognizes those needs is well on the road to creating a great company that everyone wants to work for.

They will love it, but the customers will love it even more; customers want to be associated with successful organizations that appreciate their employees and themselves in abundance.

We are currently in the Digitally driven Emotional Revolution age where emotional content can hit on the hot spots of millions of people instantly. Do something right for your employees and then convey that message through social media; you immediately enter and influence the millions, customers included. An appreciated workforce is one that can easily convey appreciation to customers, it’s contagious and the old mindset of the forced “Commercial Smile” is replaced by a far more honest and authentic “Thanks for being my customer today”

Leaders should try this everyday:  write a sincere and personal note of thanks to an individual or group in your organisation, make it as public as possible and include your customers.  It will cost you nothing and you will be surprized with the impact on the top and bottom line. As organisations become Digitally Transformed then the process of showing Gratitude is an easy process, so long as the Leadership mindset is tuned into high levels of EQ.