George Daniel

Economic Policy Management

About George Daniel

George Daniel is a Ph.D. level trained International Economist with more than 20 years of experience in economic and financial consulting, academia and the private sector. His expertise is on the application of economic and financial models in the analysis of issues in Sustainable Development, International Trade, Industrial policy and Environment and Renewable energy policy. His present focus is on the analysis of the economic costs and benefits of the transition to a Green Economy. Since 2014 he has been working on the financial barriers and economic impact of energy efficiency and renewable energy policy in the GCC. This has given him an intimate familiarity with the issues facing the region, governments’ agendas and policy priorities as they transition from hydro-carbon based to more diversified economies.

His approach to consulting draws on the multi-cultural and international perspective he has developed from years employed in the private sector as an Analyst and Research Director and in academia, making him an avid promoter of market-based solutions for economic growth; the central role in this process that is played by governments, non-state organisations and other institutions in establishing the right environment and incentives to promote solid, sustainable diversified and inclusive economic growth.

GD has applied his research and analytical skills to a number of ventures including projects to estimate the economic impacts of proposed trade, development and environmental policies.GD has undertaken many assignments involving economic appraisal, feasibility studies, financial modelling and cost-benefit analysis. These include an analysis of the speed and depth of economic diversification in the small monoculture economies of the Eastern Caribbean, industrial and trade policy, optimal green economy strategies and policies, clean energy and energy efficiency financing, generic pharmaceutical production, ICT and Intellectual property, in Switzerland, London, the United States , the English Caribbean and the Middle East. His work in this field has encompassed Life Cycle analysis; evaluation of socio-economic impacts; risk and sensitivity analysis; environmental impact assessment; cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis and general equilibrium analysis.

He is also an experienced educator as an Economics Lecturer and spearheaded capacity building and human capital initiatives in Trade negotiations, environment and climate change education and energy efficiency training. He has a deep respect of the interplay between culture and socio-economic system which stems from fundamental belief that the purpose of any economic policy must be for the betterment of the livelihood of the average citizen. His professional approach is based on the respect for the economic principles and fundamentals and to offer clients practical and optimal market-driven solutions.

This approach has led to a few notable professional milestones and achievements during that period and include (but not limited to:


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