In this constantly changing competitive market, TON assists in providing Chief Financial Officers
with leadership skills, action and result-oriented initiatives that meet the evolving needs of the clients.
Aligned with the continuing demand for value creation with performance improvement services that address
stakeholders’ needs across the organization. Our in-depth knowledge to help our clients best drive change,
growth, and create value in this changing business environment, is a key-value driver of TON and of our
client success.

Financial Strategy

Advanced financial strategy and CFO consulting is our specialty. Our expert
consulting CFOs have decades of experience helping businesses of all industries and sizes make
informed strategic financial decisions, resolve challenges, optimize systems, prepare for
growth, advise on mergers and acquisitions, and more.

Financial Advisory Services

We offer comprehensive strategy and advisory for any member of your corporate team.
Your biggest business decisions are dependent on financial information and projections, and our
CFO consultants help your strategic players align business goals with long-term financial

Whether you have a specific problem to solve, a goal you’re looking to achieve, or would like an
ongoing consultative relationship, our high-level strategic CFO consulting services can help
your organization achieve its goals.

Financial Advisory Services

Your company is driven by numbers. Having a strategic CFO consultant as a partner in your financial
strategy can help you understand these numbers and use them (and current economic trends) to help
develop accurate forecasting and budgeting. This empowers your to make intelligent business decisions
backed by financial data.

Our main objective is to help you grow your business in a strategic, sustainable way. We will work with
you to set monthly and annual goals and use these goals to drive intelligent financial decisions.

Our CFO consultants have prepared hundreds of long- and short-term financial forecasts for clients. These
forecasts help create detailed plans for achieving growth and development goals with the least amount of
financial waste. These forecasts are an invaluable tool in driving budgeting and developmental

If your organization is currently suffering from cash flow issues or is simply interested in optimizing
costs, our consulting CFOs can help. We’re experienced in dozens of industries and will use that deep
industry experience to benchmark your existing financial trends and look for places where your financial
activities can be optimized.

Prepare for & Manage Growth

Growth is good, but unsustainable growth can be a recipe for disaster. We will help put the
right systems in place to ensure your growth is healthy and sustainable. This includes
strategies for cash flow management, supply chain management analysis, payment terms
optimization, financial systems improvement, forecasting, budgeting, and more.

Capital Structure

What is the right combination of financing that will allow your company to thrive and flourish
while taking into consideration risk assessment? Our financial experts will help you make the

Resolve Cash Flow Challenges

Cash flow-related challenges are one of the biggest reasons companies fail. We can help if you
have high accounts receivable, have money tied up in excessive inventory, often use current
project budgets to fund future projects, we can help. We will analyze your current cash flow,
find areas for improvement, and help implement those changes.

Transaction/M&A Services

During transaction or merger and acquisition situations, it’s important for both the buying and
selling company to have all the tools and reports needed to achieve a swift and thorough

Whether your exit strategy includes partial, public, entity or asset sale, our financial
consultants will help your company through every step of the process. This includes preliminary
analysis and reporting, forecasting, stabilizing financial functions, advising key team members
during the sales process, preparing relevant documentation.

International Trade & Global Deal Realisation

Our wide and international network gives us a unique position to drive our competitive advantage of
Strategic and Personalised approach to Deal Execution and Closure. Delivering our expert Strategic
Advisory and International Business Development advise. Our swift mobilisation of our network,
together with our industrial knowhow, accelerates decision making that drives value realisation for
our business partners.

Interim CFO Solutions

An interim CFO can bridge the gap between CFO hires or join your company for a short period of time
to help optimize strategy, resolve challenges, implement long-term financial systems, accelerate
growth, or prepare for a transaction.

Each company’s situation is different. We will customize your interim CFO services to fit your
company’s particular needs.

We humble ourselves in assisting to drive change into a strategic business asset, managing risk
exposure and unlocking value at every stage of our process. The Strategic CFO Consulting comprise

  • CFO Leadership – strategy development and a winning tactical
  • Interim Financial Management, Finance, Accounting and
  • Business performance diagnostics and solution
    recommendations, incl. SWOT analysis
  • Restructure of Balance sheet – Assets and liability
    optimisation (Debt restructure)
  • Improve Financial Stability and Growth
  • Resolve Cash Flow Challenges
  • Improve Reporting and Record Keeping
  • International Trade and Deal realisation, structuring and
  • CFO mentoring and finance capability assessment – building
    local talent
  • IFRS compliance review and conversions
  • Finance due-diligence, assessments and investigations

We at TON pride ourselves in providing quality service that resolves issues and we deliver business
insight that is timely and relevant.